Dr. John Wesley ("Wes") Tunnell, Jr. fell in love with Mexico’s biodiversity and biomes during the mid-1960s and has traveled widely all over Mexico. In the early 1970s he did his PhD Dissertation on the mollusks of Veracruz coral reefs and then taught a graduate class in Coral Reef Ecology with field trips to either Veracruz or Quintana Roo reefs for 32 years. In 2007 Dr. Tunnell published a book on the Coral Reefs of the Southern Gulf of Mexico (Texas A&M University Press), in which he and his colleagues summarized over 100 years of literature in several different languages. That literature, much of it hard-to-find technical reports in Spanish and English, is now provided for all interested parties in free/open access on this website to better understand and conserve the coral reef ecosystems of the southern Gulf of Mexico.

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Coral reef locations throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Source: Tunnell et al 2007
Brain coral off the coast of Veracruz. Source: Manuel Victoria